Saturday, January 19, 2013


Let's talk a little about peanuts.

First off, they're delicious.  Second off, they're even more delicious when roasted.

Here's what unroasted peanuts look like:

Getting more delicious
Roasting them is pretty easy.  You throw them in a wok and flip them constantly for about fifteen minutes on medium heat.  No need for oil or grease or salt or anything!  Here's what a guy roasting peanuts looks like:

Notice the constant flipping!
After you've roasted the peanuts for a good 15-20 minutes, they'll start to become dark brown or even black.  That's okay!  The peanuts have an outer hull, and it's that which is browning.  Your nuts are probably still in good shape.  Peel off the hull and taste one- that's the best way to know if they're done.

Getting there!  About five more minutes

Once the peanuts are done, pour them out onto a cookie sheet.  The Thais have special cooling trays made out palm fronds (I think) that they use for peanuts as well as sticky rice.  When the nuts are cool enough to handle, press down and roll them using your palm.  This will help separate the hull from the nut.  This takes a bit of time, so have patience!

Yupin, being very patient.

The last part is the trickiest.  It requires some motor skills I don't quite have, and it also requires that your cookie sheet has some sort of a lip.  Take your tray outside and flip it, each time catching the nuts back on the tray.  The much lighter hulls, now separated, should fly away in the wind.

Look at that form!

And there you have it!  Peanuts, delicious, freshly roasted, and ready to eat :)

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